New Products

Now you can purchase the most high performance Half Round gutter machine on the market today and all the gutter accessories needed for a complete half round gutter system.
After our agreement with one of the most popular companies in Finland – Lapuan Piristeel Oy, both parties are very excited for our new co-operation starting with a Pre-launch distribution period. We will be taking care of sales in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans providing the best customer service possible and continues support .
Professionals in the guttering industry have always seeked the solution of a Half- Round gutter machine that provides high quality but mostly strength without any problems.

For Contractors, Home builders, Roof technicians, Professionals etc:
Are you interested in purchasing a Rainway half round gutter machine?
 Contact us.
We would like to inform you on how to get started.

(Pdf link) New Rainway Brochure
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Distributor of Greece for Amerimax Home products; Seamermate – aluminum pigment sealant

For the first time last year Seamermate entered the Greek market with major success. As being the distributor for our country our goal was to immediately promote the specific sealant, and the best way to do this was by testing it on our aluminum gutters, in a matter of time after being used by professionals it became very popular leaving them surprised of the quality Seamermate had to offer.

Below with indicate some of the characteristics of Seamermate sealant:

  • Permanent Bond
  • UV Resistant
  • Can be applied under water
  • Paintable
  • Semi-self leveling

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