With over 25 years of experience abroad, and fulfilling another 27 years of success in Greece,  CollectGutters is undisputedly the Greek pioneer of guttering systems that continues to manufacture the most advanced gutter products according to the Greek and European building standards. This is possible because of our years of experience in the field of research and development. As the leader for rain ware systems in the Greek industry we have managed to build a network of over 500 distributors in Greece only. And we are also exporting to numerous European countries, most of them being in the Balkan region.

Our facilities consist of various departments such as production line areas, powder coating area, stock areas and offices, all arranged in such a way for us to be able to offer the best service to our customers, distributors etc. With precision and care we continually design new products making sure our accessories are accurate and with a perfect fit, with constantly supervising our production lines reassuring that all machinery is working at its fullest producing only the best.

We insist on reserving a high company profile, indicating just a few of our accomplishments throughout the years; We are the only company worldwide that manufactures aluminum down pipes with dimensions 6x9cm, also the first to allocate flexible aluminum coil – series YDROMAT for all types of roof installation in the Greek market.

But most significant of all, CollectGutters is the first company to implement Aluminum K’Style guttering systems in Greece, permanently making the turn-over in the Greek guttering industry.