The most widespread aluminum K’Style gutter system in Greece is well known for its distinctive title YDRORROH. Having 47years of dynamic presence in the gutter industry. Our products of series YDRORROH are highly recognized in Greece and in European countries for its top quality, remarkable strength and its excellence in aesthetical appeal. With a combination of customer service and limitless solutions needed for the right protection of your home highlighting it as the No.1 aluminum K’Style gutter system in Greece.

  • A numerous variety of colors
  • A wide selection of colors to choose from.
  • The largest range of gutter brackets in the Greek market
  • The only company that produces downpipes with dimensions 6x9cm
  • Certificatied EN ISO 9001:2000

Protect your gutters from debris, leaves, bird nests, etc., see our aluminum protective cover COVERPRO which is a perfect combination together with our K-Style gutters.