Technical Support

For our representatives who have already purchased gutter machines or even for those who wish to acquire a new gutter machine from us, we can provide a full coverage of technical details (adjustments and repairs) and also provide you with free service for your machinery.
At the same time, we will provide technical support to other machinery that has been  purchased from third parties regardless the model, make  and year of manufacture. The charge arises depending on any adjustments or repairs that may be needed.

Experience and the necessary knowledge needed for the service of machinery, is gathered from our participation of several seminars technical analysis for various models of gutter machinery and continue to receive feedback for new applications.

CollectGutters specializes in the following machines:

Mach II 5″ Gutter
Mach II 6 ” Gutter
Mach II Combo Gutter
5″ & 6″ Panther
1700K5 KR56A
U-STYLE 5/10
5″ & 6″ Ironman
1700A KR-60A
U-STYLE 6/12
5″ & 6″ Watertite
1700K6 KR-50A
6″ HR Ironman

Caution: Owners of gutter machines regardless the type, model or year that do not have the appropriate technical knowledge may cause malfunction to their machinery or even provoke danger to themselves.

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