Terms of Sales

  1. The information in our catalogues, brochures and internet site have been set by the company and at any time can be altered.
  2. The company has every right to make any modifications either technically or aesthetically on the products without notice.
  3. All products and packaging travel with the responsibility and danger of the buyer. The company guarantees that all products leave properly and safely boxed from our premises, on which way and with what type of transportation will be used we do not hold any responsibility.
  4. The economical terms are done by collaboration with the company representative and the buyer, no changes can or will be made without our agreement.
  5. We reserve every right to retain the buyers order until payment will be fully made after the agreement was set for a non credit basis.
  6. In the case that the buyer has received less or defected products, the company has to be informed within seven working days for changes to be made, over that period of time any exchanges will not be valid.
  7. The company holds every right to decline any orders or even terminate co-operation without further notice if the buyer has failed to respect the economical terms.
  8. There is no guarantee for products that are custom made from the company at the request of the buyer. And in anyway is not responsible for the installment tolerance of these specific modified products.
  9. Backorders must be done in effort of thirty days from the date of purchase with transportation organized from the buyer. The company will return the total from the Invoice of the backorder only after the products have been quality passed and able to be resold.
  10. The Company logos, trademarks and treaties are copyright protected, appending in the domestic and international law sextion. It is strictly prohibited to use, market to alter or even advertise without a licence agreement.
  11. For any differences or legal actions here for is the court of Patras, Greece.