The purpose of gutters and downspout systems is to collect rainwater from the roof and direct it away from the building foundations and also from dripping onto the walls, they prevent the water falling directly onto people in entrances, driveways and foot paths.
Seamless gutters are made from rolled coil which is passed through a rollforming gutter machine and thus continuously passing towards the exit comes out our desired gutter formation. This process is usually done by a gutter manufacturing company (In- plant) but most commonly it is done directly at your home (Job-site).
Gutters are installed by using different types of brackets all depending on what is needed for your home, also combined with other accessories. Please refer to our Seamless Gutters team.
Definitely, our Seamless Gutters team will remove and dispose your old gutters.
We already have available a 40 years guarantee for the quality of YDROrroi and YDROmat, if installation is done by our Seamless Gutters team then workmanship also will be included.
Our gutters, down pipes and all accessories are first safely boxed and crated if needed, this is done in a way that we will prevent any damages. Depending on the location and quantity of each order, we have many methods of transportation such as Air, Ship or Truck freight.
Basically it depends on how much water flow your roof has, roughly we recommend the distance to be between 10 to 15 meters apart.
Absolutely, Half-Round gutters were the traditional gutter style on homes from the early 1940’s and today still are a popular choice. They are preferred for traditional renovations and also for the more modern homes as there is a large variety of colors to choose from.
Aluminum: Low cost. Many types of Alloys to choose from. Easy installation. Availability of coloring is unlimited. It is internationally the most popular metal for rainware systems. Limited 40 years guarantee.
Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel has more strength than aluminum. It is much heavier in the equivalence of the aluminum gauge size. Popular in mountain areas with a lot of snow. Cost lower than the other metals. Large variety of colors.
Copper: Considered top of the range metal for guttering systems. Very durable and with high strength quality. Does not need to be painted. With time it changes its surface color, but can also be done technically. Most expensive metal in comparison with the above metals. Preferred to be installed by a skillful contractor.
There is no permanent application than can be used to protect the copper from weather conditions. Clear Coating paint will help but it will be a temporary solution, also this will depend on what chemical will be used and how it will be applied.