Our Mission



demands are increasing

As the demand for gutter protection continues to rapidly grow, we also insist on manufacturing products of high quality and durability, giving solutions to any rain water problem. With our many years of experience, we managed to implement different ranges of products needed for the requirements of the Greek and European standards. As being the only company in Greece that fully manufactures aluminum gutter systems and accessories known as our series YDRORROH.

solutions through our series

Taking into account each possible situation, we also offer different guttering solutions through our product series, such as: YDROCOPPA, YDROCYCLO, YDROSTEEL, YDROMAT, YDROART, YDROSHAPE, COVERPRO, TOOLS & MACHINES.

Combing not only the practical use but also the aesthetical appearance of our products, this allows us to stand out in the guttering industry. It is very important for our customers to understand the significance of how our products protect their home from humidity, fungi, wall corrosion and other natural causes.