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Technical support

For our customers which have already purchased gutter machines or even for those who wish to acquire a new gutter machine, CollectGutters fully covers you regarding all technical details (adjustments and repairs) and provides you with free service for your machine. We also provide our experience and technical support to all gutter machinery that have been purchased from third parties regardless the model, make and year of manufacture.

For every professional

For every new professional or for already professionals that are looking to expand or to improve their business activities, we offer a variety of top-quality machinery, such as: Gutter machines, Downpipes machines, Half-Round Gutter machines, Elbow making machines etc. from internationally recognised manufacturers. We would like to help you get you started as quick and effective as possible, without any problems or delays and can provide you the support you need.

Keeping updated

Part of our activities is to have the knowledge and experience on technical database for all gutter machinery available. This way we can achieve better service and maintenance for our client’s machinery. This is achieved by a continuous follow up of seminars with technical analysis for different types of gutter and down-pipe machinery and also new application updates.
We have the required technical knowledge needed for the servicing and maintenance for a variety of machinery regardless of year, type or model. 

Owners of gutter machines regardless the type, model or year that do not have the appropriate technical knowledge may cause malfunction to their machinery or even provoke danger to themselves.

For questions regarding gutter machinery, please contact us.

We specialise in the following machine brands