Aluminum Coils





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Ready-made aluminum coil for every type of gutter and downpipe machines

Our aluminum coils are double sided color coated with a unique composition of polyamide 25-micron paint, thus achieving the desired resistance to compete with every weather condition possible, while fulfilling the necessary conditions required for guaranteed quality. Our pre painted aluminum coils are used in almost all types of gutters and downpipe production machinery, which are either installed in commercial vehicles by contractors or industrially mounted in indoor facilities etc. We offer a wide range of pre-painted coils to choose from.

DIMENSIONS: 0.65mm Thickness x 300mm Width

COATING:Double sided - Polyamide 25 micron

COLOR: Choice of 15 colors

DIMENSIONS: 0.65mm Thickness x 267mm Width

COATING: Double sided - Polyamide 25 micron

COLOR: Choice of 15 colors

We supply the highest high quality aluminum coils, specially designed for forming various types of gutters, K-Style & Half-Round and also downpipe of various dimensions. Our aluminum coils have EN ISO 9001:2000 certification of high standards and quality.

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