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Having the right tools on hand to do a complete gutter instalment goes without saying.

Having the right tools on hand to do a proper gutter instalment goes without saying. To be able to achieve the best results and have a successful integrated gutter system and everything to be performing flawlessly, we have chosen the most reliable tools, fastening items and sealants from the most trusted and recognized companies which we have acknowledged from years of experience. Our specialized tools include a variety of gutter hand tools, gutter outlet punches, notches, drills, colored rivets, adhesives, etc. for the installation of either aluminum or copper gutters.

Hybrid MS Polymer sealant ROOF&GUTTERBOND

The hybrid MS Polymer sealant ROOF&GUTTERBOND by PROCHEM Hellas is an adhesive of MS Polymers technology. Suitable for all types of roof and gutter sealing applications. With its special composition it provides a super strong bonding properties and also protection against bacteria and mold, while at the same time preventing reappearance. It can be applied even on wet surfaces.

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One of the tool brands we use with confidence are the MALCO tools range. These specific gutter installation tools feature some of the highest quality hand tools on the market today and are well known for their strength and durability worldwide. With strong blades and ergonomic handles, these hand tools are built to last and make any gutter installation easy and hassle-free.